Seven Voyages

Seven Voyages
How China's Treasure Fleet Conquered the Sea
By Sara Fray
Published by Roaring Brook Press
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1405. The central coast of China.

At nearly seven feet tall, Admiral Zheng He looked out at the sea before him.

For the next three decades, the oceans would be his home, as he would command over 1,500 ships and thousands of sailors in seven journeys that would predate the heart of the European Age of Exploration. Over his seven epic journeys, Zheng He explored the Northern Pacific and Indian Oceans, traveling as far as the east coast of Africa, expanding Chinese power globally, warring with pirates, and capturing enemies along the way in the name of his emperor, Zhu Di. But this giant figure was not always at the helm of a ship.

From author Sara Fray and New York Times bestselling author Laurence Bergreen comes this immaculately researched history for young readers detailing the life of Zheng He, his complex and enduring friendship with his emperor, and the seven epic journeys he led that would establish China as a world power. 


6 x 9 Inches | 978-1626721227 | January 19, 2021